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Our Trip to Waco

I don't think it will shock anyone to hear that I'm a big fan of Fixer Upper. So when my sister asked if we wanted to go to Waco & visit The Silos it was an easy YAS! Let me start this by saying we went full fan girl & we might get a restraining order any day now, but like they say, 'When in Waco...'


We flew out of Atlanta into Dallas, about an hour and a half from Waco, on Southwest. Unfortunately, the flights out of Charleston were crazy expensive so we opted for the $99 flight especially since my entire family was going. When we arrived in Dallas we picked up the rental cars, scarfed down some lunch, then made the trip to Waco! TIP - Waco is super cute, but other than a few shops other than Magnolia Market there isn't much to do. So if I were you I would only plan for 2 nights in Waco max unless you plan on venturing out & finding some fun antique shops. 

You know you're getting close to Waco when you start seeing Chip & Joanna on the billboards. At this point try to contain your excitement & not run people off the road. Next sign that you're getting close is the number of people walking from off-site parking lots. TIP - There is a free gravel parking lot on the opposite side of the bakery. Try there first before paying to park. Next, you'll see the tent for Waco Tours, yes, it's a thing. Then, like a ship on the horizon the whole car will shout, "THERE THEY ARE!!" Not Chip & Jo sadly, but The Silos. Once again, resist the urge to run people over or just open your door & tuck & roll, just be patient! The Silos are like Disney World for women... it's magical, but there are people & lines everywhere. Every single person we met on staff could have not been nicer & more welcoming so take a deep breath & prepare for the crowds.


When you walk on the grounds you really appreciate the amount of work that went into making The Silos what they are today. It was cold & rainy our first day there, but kids were still playing soccer on the lawn & the line for the bakery was still wrapped around the block. We were super lucky because my amazing bro-in-law stood in line for the bakery. TIP - If you're wondering if the cupcakes are worth the wait the answer is hands down yes! Cody is not a sweets guy, but loved the cupcakes! After tasting how amazing they were I promptly pre-ordered Jo's cookbook I was really excited that we had amazing weather for the rest of our trip because The Silos on a pretty day really come alive. Kids are everywhere playing, the gardens look gorgeous, all the food trucks are up & running, it was just a gorgeous place to spend the day. 


TIPS FOR SHOPPING - Before you go check out the online store to get an idea of what's going to be there especially if you're flying. The layout is great, but it's so gorgeous you might get overwhelmed plus there are a lot of other people wanting to look at everything as well. There are a few things that are offered only at the store (from what I could tell), but almost everything in the store is available online. Shipping on orders over $100 is free & don't worry there is a FedEx shop on location. 

The next day we woke up early & braced ourselves for the wait at Magnolia Table. Spoiler alert, when you pull up & see the neatly formed line & think, 'oh, that's not that bad'... that's just the line to put your name on the waitlist. Our wait time was an hour and a half & we happily sat in the misty fog & waited (told you we went full fan girl). Luckily, there is a pickup counter for coffee so you can get your caffeine fix to survive the wait. And of course, there is a cute little shopping area. Once again, if you are wondering if the food is worth the wait, hands down yes. Like I mentioned earlier, there isn't much to do in Waco so unless you've only got a few hours to see everything I think Magnolia Table is a definite go to. I don't have any photos of our breakfast because you are encouraged to place your phones in these cute little leather pouches at each table to make sure you truly spend time with each other!


If you're a fan of the show then the names Jimmy Don & Clint Harp should ring a bell. Both of these talented fellas have shops you can visit while in town. Clint is Jo's go to carpenter who builds all those gorgeous farmhouse tables. His shop is on the other side of downtown from The Silos, not too far at all, but I would still drive (Pictured Below). Sweet Jimmy Don is the guy behind all those meaningful metal quotes used in almost every episode. His place is much further out, about a 30 min drive, but the views are gorgeous! TIP - Just about everything Jimmy Don has for sale is available at Magnolia Market. You will most likely meet Jimmy Don while you're there, but if you don't have the time to make the drive it might be something you want to skip. No offense Sweet Jimmy Don! You were a pleasure to meet! 


Another spot that's a drive to get to is the bed & breakfast, Magnolia House, that was featured on the show. If you're thinking about staying there know that this is not near The Silos, it's about 30 mins out as well.


If I haven't convinced you that we well 110% fan girl on this trip get ready to be amazed & slightly worried about our sanity. We stayed at a house from the show. Yep, we rented a house from Season 3 & it was so fun to see Chip & Jo's handy work up close! 


When you've seen all of the Magnolia empire be sure to check out The Findery right down from The Silos! I adored this shop & wanted almost everything! If you're looking for a great place to eat try Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria (right down the road from the original Magnolia) & Vitek's BBQ (Joanna designed this spot as well!)! We had an amazing time in Waco with the fam & I would truly recommend seeing all the hard work that has gone into all things Magnolia! 

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Free Print Friday

Once again, this week brought another awful tragedy & once again nothing has changed. It does not matter what side of the aisle you are on, these are issues, both gun & mental health related issues, that must be tackled. It is not too soon to talk about this, it is far too late. I will admit I am guilty of seeing these horrific stories & not taking enough action because I think that my voice isn't strong enough to make a difference. While my voice alone may not be that strong, all of our voices together are enough to make a change. The first step is to educate yourself on gun laws. It's one thing to share your opinion on social media, but take the time to learn about this situation so that your opinion is an educated one. Second, head over to to learn more about how your voice can make a difference. This site gives you all the information you need on how to reach Congress & tell them you want a change. You can also find local meetings & events in your community to ask questions & demand results. My heart goes out to all the victims not just in this week's shooting, but everyone who has lost loved ones in this horrible way. It is time for a change!


To download your free print, right click & save image. 

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Weekend in Charleston

It's no secret I am smitten with Charleston. There is something about the lowcountry that makes my heart sing. The marsh sunsets, cobblestone streets, pastel color houses, the food, & of course the people... it's my happy place. With so many people headed to Charleston this weekend for SEWE I thought it was the perfect time to post my favorites spots in the lowcounty. Here are my go to weekend places in the Holy City!

WHERE TO STAY | I'm a huge fan of Air BnB. There is no better way to see a whole new side of a city than being with locals. Not only are there adorable hidden gems downtown Charleston, but you can also stay in the marina... on a boat! Here are a few of my favorites on Air BnB.

Y'all. Is this not the cutest  house boat ?! 

Y'all. Is this not the cutest house boat?! 

ADORE the beams in the ceiling in this one!

I could spend every morning in this sun room!

For the Champagne Dreams & Caviar Wishes travelers then check this bad boy out! 

Have you stayed in a Charleston Air B&B? I would love to see some of your favorites!

WHERE TO EAT | Charleston is a total foodie town so narrowing down where to eat was super difficult, but if you pick any of these you won't be disappointed!

Lewis Barbeque  The brisket & ribs are to die for!

Edmond's Oast If you love charcuterie this is the place for you!

Lowcountry Bistro This is our go to spot for brunch! Everything is made from scratch with local products! 

Poogan's Porch Amazing brunch spot! Try and sit on one of the porches if you can!

Juliet This is the perfect spot for a simple date night or a casual meet up with friends. The drinks are great & the meatballs are delicious! 

Tavern & Table My favorite spot if you want to eat with a view of the water.

Bowen's Island Wanting a local lowcountry vibe? No other place than Bowen's! Watch the sunset & shuck some oysters!

Callie's Hot Little Biscuits If you blink you'll miss this little spot, but don't worry because there is no way you'll miss the amazing smells! Perfect casual breakfast spot!

Lewis Barbeque   The brisket & ribs are to die for!  

WHERE TO DRINK | Charleston loves a good cocktail as much as they love a cold PBR. Here are my favorite spots to grab a drink!

The Belmont  My FAVORITE bar in Charleston! The atmosphere is so cozy & the Irish Coffee is awesome! Grab a seat at the bar to watch the masters at work or cuddle up on the benches with friends & enjoy the black & white movie playing.

The Belmont My FAVORITE bar in Charleston! The Laughing Countess (winter drink) is the best! Grab a seat at the bar to watch the masters at work or cuddle up on the benches with friends & enjoy the black & white movie playing.

The Gin Joint Order a Bartender's Choice If you can snag a seat at the bar do it because these mixologists are impressive to watch in this small space. 

The Living Room at the Dewberry is one of our favorite new spots! The decor is something you dream of & the drinks are amazing!

Edmond's Oast Try a Yes Way Rose or the PB&J beer... you read right it's weird & amazing all at once! Edmond's also just opened a brewery down the road from the restaurant that has anamazing vibe!

Red's Ice House The place to day drink & watch the sunset on warm days! Dogs are welcome & dolphins are always playing in Shem Creek.  

WHAT TO DO | Charleston always has something going on. From SEWE to Fashion Week from Fort Sumter to Middleton Place there is just so much to see while in town!

Fourteen & East Shameless plug! If you're in town swing by & see me!!

Holy Spokes The best way to get around downtown is hopping on a bike & taking in the scenery! With Holy Spokes you can rent a bike for the day or for an hour!

The Battery Want to see all the gorgeous colorful houses? Grab some coffee & head down to White Point Gardens. Then stroll along Meeting St. & Church St. You won't be disappointed! 

Middleton Place There are several plantations you can visit while in Charleston, but Middleton Place is by far my favorite!

Folly Beach The BEST beach in Charleston! Everyone has their favorite, but Folly has a more local, laid back vibe. Don't forget to take a trip out to Morris Island Lighthouse! 

The Old Village Head over to Mount Pleasant & walk through The Old Village & pick out your favorite house. Stop in at the Pitt Street Pharmacy for a shake then stroll down the old Pitt Street Bridge & watch the sunset!

Catamaran Ride Want to get out on the water? Hitch a ride on the Palmetto Breeze! See Charleston from the water & sip on some margaritas! Once you're back at the dock then grab dinner on Shem Creek!

Engagement-31 (1).jpg

What are some of your favorite things to do in Charleston? I love hearing how others spend their time in town!

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Current Crushes

1 | Electric Space Heaters - Our house has lots of tree coverage which is great in the summer, but makes our house frigid in the winter. I’m obsessed with this one I found on Amazon! It works fabulously & looks adorable! 

Fav things-1.jpg

2 | Miracle Worker - This cold weather is about to kill my skin! I have very oily skin, but this winter has dried my skin out & the only thing saving it is Philosphy’s Miracle Worker! It lives up to it's name...

Fav things-1-2.jpg

3 | Subway Tile - I think most can agree with me on this one! Our landlords were so awesome when renovating our kitchen a few months ago & let me pick the backsplash... hello lover!


4 | Taylor Swift - Two thing about me... I’m basic & I have the best big sister! For my 30th birthday she got me tickets to see Taylor Swift! To prepare I have her album on repeat… it’s the logical thing to do. I can't get Look What You Made Me Do out of my head!

Fav things-2.jpg

5 | Grit & Grace Oyster Bowls - These little beauties are our best seller in the store & I'm obsessed with them! I keep mine on my bedside table to hold my earrings & bobby pins I forget to take off before hopping into bed!

Fav things-3.jpg
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Weekend Recap | 1.26.18

This weekend was such a great weekend! Between weddings & the store very rarely do all the stars align & I can explore Charleston. Well this weekend not only did we get to go to two festivals, but we got to see a ton of friends! Special shout out to my mom who watched the store for me so I could have some time off!

First off, my 3 best friends & their husbands were all in town so that meant we needed to clean out the guest bedroom! (Full post on our new cozy space coming soon!) We just got these adorable 'Welcome Friends' pillow in the store & I knew one was coming home with me!


Next up we headed to the Food Truck Festival in Park Circle. If you haven't been to Park Circle lately you are seriously missing out! I adore it! Cody & I pigged out... I also obsessed over all the dogs haha! Miss Molly would have loved to join, but she loves food a little too much...

IMG_3912 2.JPG

Next up I headed downtown to meet up with some friends for their engagement session. So I did work a little, but since we were mainly just catching up it didn't feel like working at all! Plus we ended the session with drinks at The Darling!


After a drink, I walked over to The Grocery for dinner with my 3 best friends & their hubbies to celebrate Chris' 30th birthday! The charred broccoli is out of this world! No birthday celebration is complete without some drinks so we headed over to my favorite bar, The Belmont, for some drinks before birthday cake! Try the Laughing Countess... you're welcome!

Sunday, we hit the ground running & went straight to The Lowcountry Oyster Roast at Boone Hall Plantation. The rain didn't stop us from stuffing our faces with fried food & oysters. The highlight was Sarah & Greg entering the oyster eating contest... Sarah placed 3rd because she's a total badass! 

IMG_3949 2.JPG

Once we all agreed we were soaked to the bone it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes then Cody & I were off to a 1st Birthday Party! We ended our Sunday with bagel bites & a movie on the couch. Needless to say, this weekend was amazing! 

Check back soon for my favorite places to go & things to see while in Charleston!

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Home Decor, PersonalJenna Moore

I have so many people ask me how we got started & what exactly is Fourteen & East so here goes it! As cheesy as it sounds, since I was little I dreamt of having my own store. The idea of playing shop always seemed so fun & little did I know that one day I would have the opportunity to open my own little shop.


It all started when Cody & I found out we were getting to stay in our happy place, Charleston. Out of boredom I hopped on Craig's List (like all good stories, this one started on Craig's List) & found this cute building that was once a moped store. It had only been posted for a few mins & we went to view it that afternoon. My parents met us & I started dreaming of what I would need to do to the space. We went to dinner afterwards & my mind was going a million miles an hour. We reached back out to the realtor, yada yada yada, a few weeks later we were signing the lease! In fact, I signed the lease in the lobby of the Charleston Place Hotel right before heading upstairs to begin photographing a wedding. What we thought would be a simple reno turning into an almost 3 month reno. More on that later!

Where did the name Fourteen & East come from? I wish I had a better story, but while trying to come up with a name Cody put together some of my favorite things & boom Fourteen & East was born! See? Super lame story... I'm taking requests for a cooler story ;)

Opening Fourteen & East has been one of the craziest journeys. It's a full on emotional rollercoaster of excitement & fear, but I'm buckled in & I'm enjoying the ride! Words will never be able to describe how blessed & thankful I am for this shot at one of my dreams. Thank you thank you thank you to my parents who help steer me through all of this & have fulling accepted that I'm a little crazy & stubborn (I call it determination) beyond their wildest dreams. Thank you to all my friends who painted, patched walls, made signs, poured concrete, cleaned, spread the word, & cheered me on along the way! I love each and every one of you & I am so thankful for your friendships!

To Cody... you, sir, are the eighth wonder of the world. If I ask for you to hang the moon you will do everything in your power to do it for me. You are my person. I know that no matter what crazy idea that pops in my head you are always there to hear me out, encourage me, & help me in every way possible. Thank you for being awesome! I love you!

Ok, I'm done being a sap! Thank you for stopping by I cannot wait to see where Fourteen & East takes us!

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Snow Days in Charleston

You read right! We not only had snow in Charleston we had 7 inches of snow! Needless to say the lowcountry lost their mind, but we had so much fun taking several days off to play in the snow! We spent the day watching movies, eating junk food, & having a pretty epic snowball fight. (Our neighbors were cheering us on/recording us from their porches) The best part was watching our pup, Molly, play in the snow like a puppy! Hope everyone was as lazy as we were!


We also took full advantage of the snow & made one of the most amazing treat that we Southerners don't get to eat too often, Snow Cream! 


5-6 Cups of Snow
1/2 Cup of Sugar
1 Cup of Milk
1 Tsp of Vanilla 

Mix is all together & enjoy!!

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Miss Molly's 2017 Christmas Card

Every year we send out a Christmas card with our spoiled beagle, Molly, on it. It's become quite the tradition and we've had some pretty great ones over the years, but this year's is one of my favorites! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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