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Current Crushes

1 | Electric Space Heaters - Our house has lots of tree coverage which is great in the summer, but makes our house frigid in the winter. I’m obsessed with this one I found on Amazon! It works fabulously & looks adorable! 

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2 | Miracle Worker - This cold weather is about to kill my skin! I have very oily skin, but this winter has dried my skin out & the only thing saving it is Philosphy’s Miracle Worker! It lives up to it's name...

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3 | Subway Tile - I think most can agree with me on this one! Our landlords were so awesome when renovating our kitchen a few months ago & let me pick the backsplash... hello lover!


4 | Taylor Swift - Two thing about me... I’m basic & I have the best big sister! For my 30th birthday she got me tickets to see Taylor Swift! To prepare I have her album on repeat… it’s the logical thing to do. I can't get Look What You Made Me Do out of my head!

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5 | Grit & Grace Oyster Bowls - These little beauties are our best seller in the store & I'm obsessed with them! I keep mine on my bedside table to hold my earrings & bobby pins I forget to take off before hopping into bed!

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Styling An Entry Table

One of the most common questions I get in the store is, "Do you have any tips for styling my entry table?" Entry tables can be a tricky one. They're the first thing you see when you come home. They need to look pretty, but also be functional. Here are my top tips for styling an entry table & check out what I put together at the store! PS Check out Miss Molly making her debut in the video at the bottom!  

1 | Focal Point - Picking a focal point to go above the table doesn't have to be difficult. I recommend a mirror (so you can check yourself out before leaving the house), a collage of photos to create simple lines, or one large piece of art work like a tapestry. 


2 | Lighting - A lamp is a must for an entry table in my opinion. Of course, it allows light, but it creates a warm & welcoming look once the sun goes down. 


3 | Catch All - Entry tables on a day to day basis get junky real quick. You throw down your keys, mail, purse, kick off your shoes so don't forget to add pieces that provide function by quickly hiding all your junk! When setting up this look I used a basket for shoes & this fun white lidded jar for keys! 


4 | Balance - In this look I have 3 objects on the top right so I matched that by having 3 objects in the bottom left. I also added a tall lantern to be a similar height of the lamp. If one side of your table looks a little heavier or busier than the other switch some things around to help level everything out!


5 | You do you! - I say this every time someone asks me about styling their home... "You do you!" It's your house! Incorporate things you love in your design & don't feel pressured to recreate someone else's house.  

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Favorite House Plants

If you've been in the store then you know by the look of my Fiddle Leaf Figs I do not have a green thumb. After several attempts to keep house plants alive I've narrowed down the list of my favorite ones that are easy to care for!

air plant-1-4.jpg

1 | Snake Plant / Mother-In-Law's Tongue
These guys are my favorite! These things will survive for those who aren't even close to having a green thumb. They need little light & little water. Plus they just look cool! What more could you ask for?

2 | Airplants
Airplants are a gift to non-green thumbs from heaven! No need to repot or fertilize just sprits with water now & again! The best part is you can find the cutest containers to put them in! 

3 | Aloe
The key to aloe is not over watering it. Aloe will quickly let you know if it's not happy so keep it simple with this one. Put it in a nice sunny place & keep watering consistent. Of course it's not just for good looks, use the aloe for minor burns!

Want to work on your green thumb? Come learn more about flowers & how to style them for your home at our first Floral Workshop!

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

One of my favorite comments on our house is that it feels cozy. Here's are my top 5 tips for making your home feel super cozy especially during these chilly days!

1 | Texture
Throw pillows & blankets are your best friend when it comes to adding texture to your home. They are also the easiest & more affordable way to completely change the look of a room. Keep your blankets displayed and/or easily accessible for guest to make themselves comfy hanging out. Cody hand makes these amazing blanket ladders we sell in the store! 
Window treatments are another easy way to add texture to a room. When picking a curtain make sure you hang the curtain rod well above the window & the panels are the correct size. Try pairing curtain panels with a natural blind to create more depth.


2 | Lighting
Ditch the overhead lights & turn on the lamps! Be sure your bulbs are warm white to create an inviting environment rather than bulbs with a cooler temperature giving off a very sterile look. And of course, light a candle!


3 | Add Some Green
There's something about adding a plant or two or three that can really bring a room together. Adding an organic shape into a space can break up all the straight lines in a room caused by furniture.


4 | Tidy Up
Your place doesn't have to be spotless, but tidying up will help you relax. After dinner Cody & I always make sure the kitchen is cleaned, shoes are in the closet, & surfaces are clutter free before settling down for the evening.


5 | Surround Yourself with Love
As cheesy as it sounds, surround yourself with your favorite things. At the end of the day your home should be your happy space. Don't let magazines, blogs, or pinterest tell you how your home needs to look. Pick designs & decor that make you happy. Fill the space with photos or loved ones & your favorite color. No house should look the same so don't compare yours to anyone else's! TIP - Use your travels as inspiration! I love buying a small piece from the places we've been to display in a room so that we can always remember that trip!

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Weekend Recap | 1.26.18

This weekend was such a great weekend! Between weddings & the store very rarely do all the stars align & I can explore Charleston. Well this weekend not only did we get to go to two festivals, but we got to see a ton of friends! Special shout out to my mom who watched the store for me so I could have some time off!

First off, my 3 best friends & their husbands were all in town so that meant we needed to clean out the guest bedroom! (Full post on our new cozy space coming soon!) We just got these adorable 'Welcome Friends' pillow in the store & I knew one was coming home with me!


Next up we headed to the Food Truck Festival in Park Circle. If you haven't been to Park Circle lately you are seriously missing out! I adore it! Cody & I pigged out... I also obsessed over all the dogs haha! Miss Molly would have loved to join, but she loves food a little too much...

IMG_3912 2.JPG

Next up I headed downtown to meet up with some friends for their engagement session. So I did work a little, but since we were mainly just catching up it didn't feel like working at all! Plus we ended the session with drinks at The Darling!


After a drink, I walked over to The Grocery for dinner with my 3 best friends & their hubbies to celebrate Chris' 30th birthday! The charred broccoli is out of this world! No birthday celebration is complete without some drinks so we headed over to my favorite bar, The Belmont, for some drinks before birthday cake! Try the Laughing Countess... you're welcome!

Sunday, we hit the ground running & went straight to The Lowcountry Oyster Roast at Boone Hall Plantation. The rain didn't stop us from stuffing our faces with fried food & oysters. The highlight was Sarah & Greg entering the oyster eating contest... Sarah placed 3rd because she's a total badass! 

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Once we all agreed we were soaked to the bone it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes then Cody & I were off to a 1st Birthday Party! We ended our Sunday with bagel bites & a movie on the couch. Needless to say, this weekend was amazing! 

Check back soon for my favorite places to go & things to see while in Charleston!

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