Faux Brick Wall

I knew when we opened Fourteen & East I wanted an accent wall and with my obsession with exposed brick it was a match made in heaven. The only problem… no exposed brick so it was time to start searching for diy faux brick wall. A quick search on Pinterest and we had our plans! Here is what we followed!


Faux Brick Wall Panels 


Nail Gun

White Wall Spackle

Spackle Knife

Saw (if your walls are over 8ft)

To adhere the the panels to the wall we used glue and then shot it with the nail gun. Since we were going to be using the German Schemer technique on top of the panels the nail holes were not an issue. Once the panels were hung it was time to schemer! I’m not going to lie I absolutely LOVED doing this! I totally got in the zone and knocked the entire wall out in about an hour and a half. Work the spackle in a hashtag motion. Add more or add less spackle to get the desired look! You can even white wash paint on top if you don’t want any of the red brick to show through! We did the entire wall for less than $200. It was a really easy project and I’m obsessed with the results! 

xo png.png