Current Crushes

1 | Electric Space Heaters - Our house has lots of tree coverage which is great in the summer, but makes our house frigid in the winter. I’m obsessed with this one I found on Amazon! It works fabulously & looks adorable! 

Fav things-1.jpg

2 | Miracle Worker - This cold weather is about to kill my skin! I have very oily skin, but this winter has dried my skin out & the only thing saving it is Philosphy’s Miracle Worker! It lives up to it's name...

Fav things-1-2.jpg

3 | Subway Tile - I think most can agree with me on this one! Our landlords were so awesome when renovating our kitchen a few months ago & let me pick the backsplash... hello lover!


4 | Taylor Swift - Two thing about me... I’m basic & I have the best big sister! For my 30th birthday she got me tickets to see Taylor Swift! To prepare I have her album on repeat… it’s the logical thing to do. I can't get Look What You Made Me Do out of my head!

Fav things-2.jpg

5 | Grit & Grace Oyster Bowls - These little beauties are our best seller in the store & I'm obsessed with them! I keep mine on my bedside table to hold my earrings & bobby pins I forget to take off before hopping into bed!

Fav things-3.jpg
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