The "B" Word - Free Print Friday

I became a wedding photographer almost 9 years ago. I vividly remember sitting in bed one night my senior year in college dreaming of the day I would actually book a wedding. I was so full of excitement & hope. Fast forward to 2018 & almost 200 weddings later I’m still in love with photographing weddings. Being a wedding photographer has provided me a life full of forever friends, new experiences, & world wide travels… to say the least I am beyond blessed. So blessed that it lead me to opening Fourteen & East. But quickly this blessed life brought on a new vocabulary. A word that I used a good bit was slipping out in every single conversation I was having. The “B” word… BUSY.


It didn’t hit me until one of my best friends called me & I didn’t return her call for 2 weeks. 2 weeks. When I called her I apologized & her response was what I had been hearing a lot lately, “It’s ok, I know you’re busy.” My heart sank. Right there in the car driving home from the store I had this sudden rush of emotions. I had been hiding behind this word for years & it had become such a huge part of my life that if you asked someone to describe me in three words one would be busy. I knew that being busy was not an excuse to put my life, relationships, & dreams on hold. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a full believer of hustling, but when was it ok to check out of your life because you were too busy to live it? I have a quote on my desk that says “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” I’ve had this little quote for years, but I’ve been too busy to stop & read it. But that’s all changing this year. I know I won’t be able to cut this word out cold turkey, but I’m making a serious effort to stop using this word as an excuse. The people in my life matter more than this word & I matter more than this word. 


So thank you to everyone who has been patient with me. Know that I am working on it. I’m learning to say no to things & passing on weddings that don’t make my heart skip a beat because it’s not fair to couples or to me. I’m becoming selfish with my time & not feeling bad about it. I’m putting friends & family first. I’m putting my phone away. I’m scheduling trips to visit friends & exploring new places. I am making sure I don’t allow my biggest fear to come true… looking back years from now & wish I had done so much more. 

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Here’s to being open to adventures, friendships, & dreams! I can’t wait to see what this new outlook brings to myself & both of my businesses! Don't forget to snag your free print above by right clicking & saving the image!

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Jenna Moore