Favorite House Plants

If you've been in the store then you know by the look of my Fiddle Leaf Figs I do not have a green thumb. After several attempts to keep house plants alive I've narrowed down the list of my favorite ones that are easy to care for!

air plant-1-4.jpg

1 | Snake Plant / Mother-In-Law's Tongue
These guys are my favorite! These things will survive for those who aren't even close to having a green thumb. They need little light & little water. Plus they just look cool! What more could you ask for?

2 | Airplants
Airplants are a gift to non-green thumbs from heaven! No need to repot or fertilize just sprits with water now & again! The best part is you can find the cutest containers to put them in! 

3 | Aloe
The key to aloe is not over watering it. Aloe will quickly let you know if it's not happy so keep it simple with this one. Put it in a nice sunny place & keep watering consistent. Of course it's not just for good looks, use the aloe for minor burns!

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