5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

One of my favorite comments on our house is that it feels cozy. Here's are my top 5 tips for making your home feel super cozy especially during these chilly days!

1 | Texture
Throw pillows & blankets are your best friend when it comes to adding texture to your home. They are also the easiest & more affordable way to completely change the look of a room. Keep your blankets displayed and/or easily accessible for guest to make themselves comfy hanging out. Cody hand makes these amazing blanket ladders we sell in the store! 
Window treatments are another easy way to add texture to a room. When picking a curtain make sure you hang the curtain rod well above the window & the panels are the correct size. Try pairing curtain panels with a natural blind to create more depth.


2 | Lighting
Ditch the overhead lights & turn on the lamps! Be sure your bulbs are warm white to create an inviting environment rather than bulbs with a cooler temperature giving off a very sterile look. And of course, light a candle!


3 | Add Some Green
There's something about adding a plant or two or three that can really bring a room together. Adding an organic shape into a space can break up all the straight lines in a room caused by furniture.


4 | Tidy Up
Your place doesn't have to be spotless, but tidying up will help you relax. After dinner Cody & I always make sure the kitchen is cleaned, shoes are in the closet, & surfaces are clutter free before settling down for the evening.


5 | Surround Yourself with Love
As cheesy as it sounds, surround yourself with your favorite things. At the end of the day your home should be your happy space. Don't let magazines, blogs, or pinterest tell you how your home needs to look. Pick designs & decor that make you happy. Fill the space with photos or loved ones & your favorite color. No house should look the same so don't compare yours to anyone else's! TIP - Use your travels as inspiration! I love buying a small piece from the places we've been to display in a room so that we can always remember that trip!

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