I have so many people ask me how we got started & what exactly is Fourteen & East so here goes it! As cheesy as it sounds, since I was little I dreamt of having my own store. The idea of playing shop always seemed so fun & little did I know that one day I would have the opportunity to open my own little shop.


It all started when Cody & I found out we were getting to stay in our happy place, Charleston. Out of boredom I hopped on Craig's List (like all good stories, this one started on Craig's List) & found this cute building that was once a moped store. It had only been posted for a few mins & we went to view it that afternoon. My parents met us & I started dreaming of what I would need to do to the space. We went to dinner afterwards & my mind was going a million miles an hour. We reached back out to the realtor, yada yada yada, a few weeks later we were signing the lease! In fact, I signed the lease in the lobby of the Charleston Place Hotel right before heading upstairs to begin photographing a wedding. What we thought would be a simple reno turning into an almost 3 month reno. More on that later!

Where did the name Fourteen & East come from? I wish I had a better story, but while trying to come up with a name Cody put together some of my favorite things & boom Fourteen & East was born! See? Super lame story... I'm taking requests for a cooler story ;)

Opening Fourteen & East has been one of the craziest journeys. It's a full on emotional rollercoaster of excitement & fear, but I'm buckled in & I'm enjoying the ride! Words will never be able to describe how blessed & thankful I am for this shot at one of my dreams. Thank you thank you thank you to my parents who help steer me through all of this & have fulling accepted that I'm a little crazy & stubborn (I call it determination) beyond their wildest dreams. Thank you to all my friends who painted, patched walls, made signs, poured concrete, cleaned, spread the word, & cheered me on along the way! I love each and every one of you & I am so thankful for your friendships!

To Cody... you, sir, are the eighth wonder of the world. If I ask for you to hang the moon you will do everything in your power to do it for me. You are my person. I know that no matter what crazy idea that pops in my head you are always there to hear me out, encourage me, & help me in every way possible. Thank you for being awesome! I love you!

Ok, I'm done being a sap! Thank you for stopping by I cannot wait to see where Fourteen & East takes us!

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